NanoVest is an FDA-registered cooling device worn by doctors in operating rooms; athletes and sports officials on the field; and construction, manufacturing and utility workers.   

NanoCooling Vest

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  • NanoVest utilizes a scientifically-formulated phase change material that cools the body’s core for optimum performance, increased stamina and health. The vest’s anatomic design conforms naturally to the body and maintains a comfortable cooling temperature of 80°F (less than the body’s natural temperature) for up to 3 hours in heat-stress environments.  The vest will re-cool itself in room or vehicle temperatures of 80°F or less without refrigeration required; faster cool with refrigeration.

    TECHNICAL:  FDA Class 1 Medical Device; Made in the USA


    • Cools body’s core area by absorbing excess body heat
    • Combats negative effects of heat stress and increases stamina
    • Reduces sweating: maintains metabolic resources and electrolytes
    • Anatomic design conforms naturally to the body
    • Antimicrobial surface; safe to wear directly against skin. May be worn under surgical scrubs, safety vests, uniforms or protective gear.
    • Reusable; Easy to clean
    • Recharges at temperatures < 80°F
    • No hoses or bulky equipment: Ice free; Cord free; Battery free

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