NanoCooling Products

Nanotherapeutics CTS (Controlled Temperature Solutions)
medical devices are simple, safe and a more effective means to
manage pain, swelling and discomfort associated with post-surgical healing, non-surgical procedures and musculoskeletal injury. Nanotherapeutics’ wearable science allows the patient to wear any of these devices continually to accelerate return to function of the joint or affected area without fear of any negative response.


Frequently asked questions

How do the products work?

The Nanotechnology utilizes a patent-pending thermal wax which charges quickly when introduced to a fridge or freezer and then holds a temperature range, optimal for healing and pain relief for an extended period of time, far longer than ice or gel. The technology helps to pull heat away from the injured muscles, ligaments and tendons to help accelerate healing and reduce swelling and pain. The active cooling side of the products have an antimicrobial surface, are easy to clean and, unlike ice, the temperature is gentle enough to be worn directly against the skin.

How do you clean the pain relief braces/wraps?

The pain relief wraps can be easily cleaned with soap and water and either a paper towel or wash cloth. Air dry. To keep your pain relief wrap/brace from soaking up orors from the fridge simply fold it so that the 'chargeable' side is ou9tward and place it in a ziploc bag before charging.

How often should I wear my pain relief wrap?

While a minimum of 2 hours a day is ideal for injuries, the pain relief wraps can be worn anytime, day or night, or can even be worn consistently all day. For those suffering from chronic pain, the products can be used whenever the problem flairs up. More extreme cases: Some users even buy 2 of the same products and continue to trade off, one on the body, one charging in the frige/freezer to help manage extreme injuries of healing after surgery.

Why are these pain relief braces/wraps better then ice or gel?

Nanotechnology delivers the optimum temperatures for therapeutic healing and pain relief for an extended period of time, without risk of over-cooling.

Why should I try a pain relief brace/wrap first?

We are believers that you should always start with the pain relief and healign option that is the safest, most natural and least invasive before reaching for drugs or considering more costly or risky treatments. Keep your pain relief brace/wrap on hand for any onset of pain or unexpected injuries. While they may be used alone or in conjunctioni with other therapies, there is no harm in starting with natural cooling relief to treat you or your loved ones pain first and foremost, evertime.

Can I use the pain relief wraps while sleeping?

Absolutely. The pain relief wrap deliver a natural and optimum temperature that slowly wams along with your body temperature. There is no risk associated with enjoying the therapeutic cooling while you are sleeping.

How long has this technology been around?

The powerful healing properties of optimum temperature therapy? Centuries. The scientifically crafted thermal wax utilized in the NanoCore products? Decades. This technology has been used for years in military applications and by first responders nationwide. It has been sold by doctors offfices and in hospitals for years - and now, is finally available to all those in pain, straight form the manufacturer.

Are these pain relief wraps right for me?

If you are in pain - yes. While these products are used in hospitals for patients after surgery, they are also perfect for the weekend warrior who rolled an ankle or someone suffering from chronic pain. If you are experiencing pain in any of the following areas: Back, Lumbar, Sciatica, Knee, Shoulder, Hip, Wrist or Ankle - Absolutely! Cold therapy is a gentle solution for pain and swelling and with no side effects, it is always an ideal place to begin treatment.