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The NanoOne/Shoulder provides pain relief and helps safely heal injuries and deep tissue inflammation by pulling heat away from the injured area.   The cooling therapeutic wrap reduces swelling, aches and pain in sore muscles, tendons and ligaments. It is temperature-regulated to 58°F.

NanoCool Shoulder Wrap

SKU: 3-205-1013-38
$109.97 Regular Price
$99.97Sale Price
  • The anatomic device is form-fitted for the shoulder but NanoOne is a universal device that can also be used on the knee, back, thigh, quad, foot, arm, head or neck and allows for active movement and full range of motion. It adjusts easily for maximum comfort and pain relief at work, play or rest.


    • Doctor-tested and recommended
    • Temperature regulated; No risk of frostbite, ice burn or overcooling
    • One-size-fits all; Conforms naturally to body’s contours
    • Comfortable design increases patient compliance, which can speed healing and reduce dependency on pain medications prescribed by your doctor
    • Re-cools quickly, less than 30 minutes, in refrigerator or freezer; also re-cools in ice bath or cooler below 58°F
    • Antimicrobial surface; safe to wear directly against skin
    • Reusable; Easy to clean
    • Ice free; Cord free; Battery free
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