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The Nanotherapeutics Elbow is a self-regulated, comfortable cool therapy wrap. Its wearable science safely delivers the optimal healing environment to accelerate healing. In contrast to the limited application with ice or gels, this wrap is designed to be worn without interruption for as long as needed.


The Elbow Wrap is an advance therapeutic treatment designed to speed up recovery from injury. Optimum results can be achieved when used continuously unlike the health risks associated with the use restrictions of ice and gels.

Nano Cooling Elbow Wrap

SKU: 3-225-1013-21
  • Attach Velcro straps to one side of elbow wrap (upper and lower)
     When placing on arm, place hole over elbow with large side above
     Attach upper strap to opposite upper side
     Attach lower strap to opposite lower side
     Adjust for comfort; Re-cool as needed for continued therapeutic use

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