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In a recent clinical study researchers found that patients using Patients using our NanoCooling devices reduced use of pain medication and increased post-operative satisfaction. Learn more  here.

NanoCooling Therapeutic Devices

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NanoCore has got your back. The NanoCooling Menopause relief vest will keep you cool, healthy, and energized.


Life is a contact sport

Effective recovery and injury prevention is what sets the best apart from the rest. NanoCooling devices provide the most effective recovery available.

Temperature controlled therapeutic devices

It's not ice

We are proudly supplying our FDA Registered NanoCooling medical devices to best-in-class medical institutions

NanoCore’s products have been tested in a variety of healthcare and sports-related environments.  Clinical studies have been completed for the orthopedic and menopausal devices. Our NanoCooling products have been endorsed by doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists and athletic trainers. The Company is supplying devices to renowned clinics, healthcare systems and professional sports teams.

NanoCooling Products

NanoCooling medical devices are a simple, safe and effective means to manage pain, swelling and discomfort associated with orthopedic injuries and surgical procedures. When charged, the engineered science in NanoCooling devices will remain at its preset temperature (≈15 degrees C) continually for 90+ minutes.

NanoCool Menopause Relief

NanoCool Menopause Relief


Verified Customer Reviews

Product: NanoCooling Knee Brace

“This is the best cooling product on the market! The light weight material makes it easy to walk around while icing whatever body part needs icing. It lasts longer and never feels wet! I have had several surgeries and procedures and this has come in handy every time! My whole family has used it at one time or another and all love it too! I would highly recommend it!!!” 

—  Cindy Stoffalano

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